Disaster can strike any time.

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54% of Cyber attacks are too advanced for internal IT to handle.
Get the assurance of data recoverability in the event of a disaster; ransomware attack, device damage, or data deletion.

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Safeguard your business with ransomware protection

Ransomware threatens your customer and employee data, trade secrets, even your business’s very existence.

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Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware Stops HERE!

In a world where ransomware is becoming a daily disruption, a newer, more secure form of data backup has emerged to mitigate this threat. Immutable storage, used in conjunction with a comprehensive backup strategy, can save you from the bad actors looking to hold your data for ransom.

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Endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)

To prevent leakage due to employee negligence or malicious insiders, you need data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities that block any unauthorized attempts to transfer sensitive data.

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Backup and Archive

Secure your business against modern cyberthreats. Our solutions safeguard you against data loss, security breaches, operational downtime, and the financial and reputational harm.

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Electronic Filing Cabinets

Powerful file management software needs NOT be complex. Organize your files, scan your paper documents, edit your PDFs, and search your archives from one clean, simple interface in a way that makes sense.

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Continuous data protection

Acronis’ agent monitors and backs up every change made to critical applications and files, allowing you to choose a recovery point just seconds before the data loss event occurred. Integrated anti-malware capabilities ensure the integrity of backed-up data and enable seamless remediation.

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Anti-malware for corporate environments

Nearly all malware is distributed through the internet — preventing it from even reaching your systems is one of the most effective defenses possible. Our solutions take a multilayered approach to cybersecurity, with URL filtering functionality to block user access to malicious websites and HTTP/HTTPS request interception to stop drive-by downloads that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Universal Restore

Restore Windows and Linux systems to the same, similar, or dissimilar hardware during a failback procedure, including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

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    SMBs face greater risks than ever before

    Acronis Cyberthreats Report Mid-year 2021

    SMBs may feel safe in the supposition that they’re “too small to target.” In reality, they’re increasingly vulnerable due to increases in attack automation and supply-chain attacks against their IT service providers. Cybercriminals are eagerly targeting managed service providers (MSPs) in a bid to compromise scores of their clients at once. For most SMBs, just one such incident could sound their death knell.

    • Phishing attacks are rampant

      The use of social engineering techniques to trick unwary users into clicking malicious email attachments or links rose 62% from Q1 to Q2. That spike is of particular concern since 94% of malware is delivered by email. During the same period, Acronis blocked more than 393,000 phishing and malicious URLs per month, preventing attackers from accessing business-critical data and injecting malware into clients’ systems (or your own).

    • Data exfiltration continues to rise

      In 2020, more than 1,300 ransomware victims had their data publicly leaked after an attack. Cybercriminals are looking to maximize their financial gain, and these tactics increase the pressure on victims to pay up. During the first half of 2021, more than 1,100 data leaks have already been published — at this rate, we’ll be looking at a year-end increase of 70% over 2020.

    • Remote workers are a prime target

      The COVID-19 pandemic drove a major shift to remote-first work that continues today. Two-thirds of remote workers now use work devices for personal tasks and use personal home devices for business activities — and attackers have taken note. Acronis observed the number of global cyberattacks to more than double, with a 300% increase in brute-force attacks against remote machines via RDP.

    3 reasons IT teams need to integrate their backup and security solutions

    Acronis Cyberthreats Report Mid-year 2021

    1. Integrated solutions save businesses money
    Consolidating IT solutions and eliminating excess vendor relationships can save businesses money both at the time of purchase and consistently over time. In fact, according to a study conducted by Vanson Bourne, MSPs can save nearly $230,000 by consolidating their cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

    While the figure may differ for organizations that manage their own IT infrastructure, the conclusion is the same: Replacing disparate solutions and vendors involved in your organization’s data protection and cybersecurity with an integrated platform reduces overhead. It also reduces the time needed to deploy, manage and train IT team members; exchanging the need for familiarity with a number of different interfaces for familiarity with a single management console that offers insight into a variety of different capabilities.

    • 2. Integrated solutions reduce the risk of human error

      A 2020 study conducted by Stanford University reported that 88% of data breach incidents are caused by human error. Cyberattack trends from last year show that criminals are aware of this fact, as well: For years phishing has been the most common cyberattack vector. 94% of malware gets delivered by email — using social engineering techniques to trick users into opening malicious attachments or links. It continues to grow rapidly today because of how effective this human-targeted approach is for cybercriminals.

      While robust training programs and the aide of preventative cybersecurity technologies are key components to closing this security gap, it’s important not to overlook the impact a more streamlined IT infrastructure can have on reducing human error. Eliminating complexity within your IT infrastructure reduces the risk of human error and improves productivity, opening your IT team to focus more on the support they provide – rather than managing the tools they use to provide it.

    • 3. Integrated solutions offer more thorough cybersecurity

      A key problem with the traditional approach to data protection and cybersecurity is the lack of communication and connection between solutions. As a result, organizations open themselves to unprotected attack surfaces and the threat of reoccurring malware attacks. Because of the integrated nature of Acronis Cyber Protect, organizations can rest at ease knowing that when a cyberattack strikes their entire infrastructure will be protected – and should the detection and prevention capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect fail to stop a cyberattack from infiltrating your organization's infrastructure – backup scanning capabilities will ensure a rapid, complete and secure recovery while forensics capabilities help to identify and close the gap that led to the incident.

      “This is the core of cyber protection, where we talk about combining all these different capabilities,” said Patrick Hurley, Vice President and General Manager for the Americas at Acronis. “It’s backup, disaster recovery, anti-malware, antivirus, ransomware protection, protection management—all the different security tools, together in one solution. When there is an event—and again, there will be events—you have all these things working together.”